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EuropeSpa Certificate

With the EuropeSpa certificate owned by Crassula Spa - Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort, we have made a luxurious, enchanting and regenerating spa holiday experience safer, higher quality and more hygienic for you.

Hygienic and Luxury Service Quality at EuropeSpa Certified Crassula Spa 

EuropeSpa certificate, which has prestige and international standards throughout Europe, has criteria focusing on the service quality of the facilities in terms of safety, hygiene and health.
EuropeSpa Certificate program coordinated by the European SPA Association (ESPA) measures the hygiene requirements of hotels with a detailed audit and claims that such a comprehensive audit is not available in any other program. EuropeSpa Certification has various criteria in treatment and diagnosis to minimize the risk of pathogens infection. It also shows great sensitivity to comply with these criteria in the swimming pool, spa and sauna area, gastronomy and kitchen areas.

Comprehensive Inspections to Improve International Quality Standards and Hygiene 

Crassula Spa, which is entitled to receive EuropeSpa certificate after a comprehensive audit consisting of approximately 400 questions on the improvement of quality standards and hygiene in Hotel Spas, offers privileged services at world standards to our guests. EuropeSpa Hotel Spa Certificate is a quality certificate for Spa Hotels.

As Crassula Spa, we are aware of the importance of the Covid-19 epidemic that has affected the whole world. Thanks to the measures we have taken; We offer our guests the best ways to protect yourself from this deadly virus, which is transmitted through droplets, inhaled air and direct contact. When taking measures, the priority points to be considered are suppliers, employees, and guests staying at the facility. Spread of microbes in the environment by handshaking, coughing, etc. takes place with people. At this point, we expect all stakeholders to comply with the international standards of health and hygiene measures taken in our facility.

Crassula Spa works with high quality standards in increasing the quality of life and strengthening the immune system. With the EuropeSpa Certificate issued by The European Spa Association (ESPA), we have fulfilled the hygiene standards of our SPA center and the training of its personnel during the Covid-19 outbreak. We have minimized the risks that may occur.

In addition to all the measures taken, in order for these measures to work, all our guests and employees in our facility must develop a basic understanding of the measures. We can make arrangements in every subject, but we can achieve effective results if the regulations are complied with  our facility.

Here is what we do in line with the "11 Rules of Hygiene" mentioned by ESPA.
• We determined the hygiene risk areas of the hotel and prepared our risk plans.
• We designed designs to create a hygienic environment for all our buildings and installations.
• We provide disinfection by wiping the surfaces, especially in wet areas.
• We maintain hand disinfection for our guests and employees at all points where visitor frequency is high.
• We ensure that it is isolated as much as possible between the outside world and the interior of the Spa and wellness hotel.
• We are planning to prevent cross contamination.
• We make technical measurements such as microbiological analysis of water, surfaces and air in order to have control power over every threat.
• We offer a cleaner and more hygienic living space by identifying those responsible for hygiene.
• We create awareness among our employees and guests on hygiene.
• We carry out regular maintenance and inspection of the facility and equipment.
• In order to manage the epidemic period in the best way; We work with a good management team, a good quality management system and the best quality assurance.
Cornelia Diamond Luxury Golf Resort & Spa Hotel will be your second home with its sincerity, luxury and high service quality!


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