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Since our foundation, we at Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa Hotel have committed to being an environmentally conscious establishment, and protecting the planet that we leave to future generations. To this end, we have been working on a number of projects and are committed to developing our current projects with additional applications.

During the construction of our establishment, the existing pine and eucalyptus trees have been carefully conserved.

We installed the TRIGENERATION System. In this system, gas engines that are used to produce electricity are powered by natural gas. Heat reaching 500 ºC, generated during the electricity production, is passed through boilers to produce steam and hot water before being released into the atmosphere via the engines’ chimneys.
At the same time, the heat generated by the engines producing electricity is also used to gain cooling energy through absorption chillers.   
In this way, no additional energy is used to obtain steam, hot water or cooling: these are all provided entirely by the energy released into the atmosphere. The TRIGENERATION System provides 90% of the electricity, 100% of the steam, 80% of the hot water/heating and 40% of the cooling energy needed in our hotel. 

All the heating and cooling systems in our establishment are automated and integrated with the Fidelio programme. For example, when our customers check in to the hotel, the air conditioning for their room is automatically activated. This same automation system allows technical services to monitor whether the balcony doors and the windows in guest rooms are open, as well as all other functions of the air conditioning system such as guest’s temperature selection, the fan speed and whether the air conditioning has been switched off manually by the guest. This system not only ensures the comfort of our guests when they return to their rooms, but also saves energy. 

There is an Energy Saver system in all rooms; lights automatically switch off when guests leave their room.

All rooms’ windows have high temperature-insulation in line with our local climate, as well as  noise insulation as required. In addition, all the glass used in our establishment is a specialised thermopane, which prevents heat penetration in the summer and heat loss in the winter. 

We ensure that only organic fertilisers and pesticides are used in our gardens. We choose organic plants for our gardens whenever possible. 

All our buildings are non-smoking establishments, according to law number 5727 regarding the prevention and control of harm caused by tobacco products. We support human and environmental health by creating smoke-free areas. 

All waste in our establishment (glass, paper, plastic, metal and organic waste) is sorted and distributed to licenced companies for recycling.


Our establishments continue to operate in a manner that protects the environment and environmental health. Accordingly, we have been recognized with several prizes and awards. 


The Travelife Sustainability System is an international system that contributes to quality development in the environmental and social services of touristic establishments; in turn, this produces considerable cost savings, retains customers and strengthens their marketing opportunities. The project is very significant due to the elevated awareness of European tour operators and consumers with regard to sustainability, as well as a rising trend for tour operators to work only with establishments that adopt such principles in the future. 
In 2010, our establishment received Travelife’s most prestigious award, Travelife Gold. 


Both our hotels, Cornelia De Luxe Resort and Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa appeared on The Travelife Collection, a list of genuinely sustainable properties around the world. The list is compiled by ABTA, the leading association of British travel agents and tour operators. 
Candidate establishments for The Travelife Collection are evaluated using international criteria such as human rights, environmental management and support for local life.. Only four establishments in Turkey have appeared on this prestigious list, which operates within extremely strict selection standards. 


Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa became part of the Green Star support programme, and one of the 15 Best Practice hotels following a Turkey-wide assessment. The Green Star support programme is part of a project aiming to increase employer and employee adaptability in the tourism sector. It is a collaboration between the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Turkish Ministry of Work and Social Security, and the European Union Coordination Department. 


Our establishments hold the Blue Flag award, an international award given to beaches and marinas that meet certain criteria. The Blue Flag represents clean sea water, and good environmental management that values environmental education and providing information. 


The White Star is an environmental award bestowed by the Turkish Hospitality Federation (TUROFED) to a limited number of establishments that meet environmental criteria as part of the Sustainable Environment and Productivity Programme. Our establishment holds this internationally recognised award. 

TUI Environmental Championship award 

For the International Environmental Championship award organised every year by TUI, one of the world’s biggest tour operators, many criteria are considered. These include the use of environmentally friendly products, the presence of equipment required in the event of a forest fire, the use of sustainable energy sources, and electricity and water usage values, along with environmental policies.

Green Hotels Project 

Our establishment has been awarded the Green Hotels award by The Turkish Hotels and Investors Association (TUROB} and Bureau Veritas. The award covers areas such as energy management, water management and sustainable environment practices.


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