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Committed to protecting nature and the environment, Cornelia Hotels and its employees have the determination and power to be a leader in the national and international market and to provide superior quality service.

Our hotels’ primary targets are to provide all the necessary conditions within the scope of Total Quality Management and to achieve success in Environmental Management; to produce and present safe food; to ensure the satisfaction of guests; to meet the expectations of all our employees by

giving trainings to raise awareness and to help them gain individual responsibility; and to act in accordance with an approach of continuous development and innovation.

While acting according to the Total Quality approach, it is our priority and fundamental management principle to continuously support, protect, develop and improve the dynamic structure of our quality management system.

To safeguard the health and safety of our guests and employees, our hotels ensure that hygiene conditions are maintained at the highest level, and that all necessary precautions for healthy food production and presentation are taken, thanks to Food Safety Management System application.

While conducting our activities, we detect how the environment is affected, and manage the negative impacts, possible dangers and waste. We also take necessary measures to minimize soil pollution, energy consumption and ensure the effective use of natural resources, and constantly improve those processes. We work to help the adaptation and protection of biodiversity ecosystems, and to address climate change.

In order to determine the expectations and needs of our guests, and to ensure the continuity of their satisfaction, we consider and evaluate all feedback and make the necessary improvements.

By showing the utmost care in information security, which is the most important asset of our hotels, we evaluate data for confidentiality, integrity and accessibility and protect it against all intentional or accidental internal or external threats. We ensure safety for information collection and processing activities.

Cornelia Hotels places a high priority on the acquisition of energy-efficient and energy-saving designs, products, and services that have an impact on our energy management system. This commitment is aligned with our integrated management system, and our objective is to continually improve our energy performance. Our organisation offers comprehensive information and tools to facilitate the identification, attainment, and evaluation of energy objectives and benchmarks.

All these processes are conducted in accordance with the national and international standards and legal regulations.


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Belek Antalya - Turkey

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