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Cornie Kids Festival

Cornie Kids Festival which will be held for the first time this year will pave the way for children to freely have fun and explore the whole day.

Thanks to elaborate shows for each age group, playgrounds, sports activities and workshops the children will kick up their heels during holiday and develop enjoyable memories.

Under the guidance of our experienced team Cornie Kids will enjoy their holidays to the fullest at Cornie Kids World located in front of the main building, which is in close proximity to the sea, swimming pools and communal areas.

Covering an area of 5.000 m², Cornie Kids World features special outdoor playgrounds, concept pools and amphitheater, Cornie Club Restaurant, 3 cinema halls, Outdoor Playground of 730 m² and addresses to different groups between the ages of 01-03, 04-08, 09-12, 13-17.

Cornie Kids Festival will start in May and Kids will be able to participate in all activities and surprise events.

All our little guests are invited to our "Kids Festival", twice a week on Thursdays, between 11:00-21:45,  during 2023 summer season.

28.06.2023 Lego Fest

29.06.2023 Cornie Kids Fest

05.07.2023 Snoopy Camp

12.07.2023 Lego Fest

13.07.2023 Cornie Kids Fest

19.07.2023 Snoopy Camp

26.07.2023 Lego Fest

27.07.2023 Cornie Kids Fest

02.08.2023 Snoopy Camp

09.08.2023 Lego Fest

10.08.2023 Cornie Kids Fest

16.08.2023 Snoopy Camp

23.08.2023 Lego Fest

24.08.2023 Cornie Kids Fest

30.08.2023 Snoopy Camp

06.09.2023 Lego Fest

07.09.2023 Cornie Kids Fest

13.09.2023 Snoopy Camp

20.09.2023 Lego Fest

21.09.2023 Cornie Kids Fest

27.09.2023 Snoopy Camp


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