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Healthy Holiday Concept

As CORNELIA HOTELS, the understanding of health and safety for our guests and employees has been our primary principle since our establishment. Within this scope, our service approach is shaped in accordance with Total Quality Management and all methods utilized to ensure continuity.
Outstanding general hygiene practices realized by high tech equipments have been used in all the services we offer to our esteemed guests. All of our works are consistently developed and ongoing to ensure that our guests stay in a healthy and safe environment, as well as to meet their holiday expectations of peace and comfort. We always provide service reinforced with our appropriate infrastructure, our understanding of education and our practices conforming to the national and international standards, together with our most important element, our employees.
The standards of our management, concept, service, production, health and safety have been established within the scope of Total Quality Management at our facilities within CORNELIA HOTELS. As a result of these studies, our facilities hold international standard certification in Quality Management System, Food Safety Management System and Environmental Management System, and have international accreditation and recognition. Our facilities are periodically inspected by lead expert auditors for these certificates and they are maintained.
Nationally, legal statutes and regulations designated for health, safety and hygiene by public institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Health and Governorate commission, are being exercised, included into the system and implemented by following the updates.
In addition, we are exercising utmost precision in adhering to international health and safety standards, such as FTO and ABTA, following the expectations and directions of our business partners; our agency and tour operators.
As a result of these applications, we have received awards and certificates from both private and public institutions. Some of these are listed below;

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate (Bureau Veritas)
  • ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System Certificate (Bureau Veritas)
  • ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certificate (Bureau Veritas)
  • White Flag Award (Ministry of Agriculture / Food Safety Award)
  • Clean Pool Water Certificate (Ministry of Health / Pool Hygiene Award)
  • Greening HOTELS Award (Bureau Veritas / Environmental Awareness Award)
  • Blue Flag Award (TURCEV / Coast and Beach Safety)
  • Travelife Gold (TUI / Sustainable Tourism Award)
  • Green Star (Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Environmental Awareness Award)

As a requirement and a result of these studies, the activities carried out in our facilities can be summarized as follows:
Risk analyses of all processes within the facility are being renewed and updated, revised according to changing agendas and needs, and their services are being planned in accordance with goals that are set by the executive management. The practices of these processes are consistently monitored with periodic internal audits performed by the Quality Team, and analysed and reported.
Cleaning and disinfection plans of all areas throughout the facility are continuously updated and controlled by the recording system.
Measurement and recording processes are performed throughout the entire production chain, from product acceptance to delivery, in accordance with the determined standards under the Food Safety Management System. As well, all necessary general and personal hygiene conditions are provided and constantly followed-up by the Food Safety team. Moreover, we are working only with suppliers that respect our understanding and act in conformity to national and international standards.
The compliance of our water and pool water with the designated legal values, particularly regarding those parameters that have significance for human health, are checked daily by our expert team and all types of measures are taken.
Monthly external audits are carried out by an internationally renowned company, covering all requirements of general hygiene and, in particular, Food Safety; and our hygiene system is continuously monitored and controlled.
Monthly microbiological, chemical and physical analysis of all our production sections and the employees who work in these sections, as well as the domestic and pool water throughout the facility, are periodically performed by the certified laboratory.
With regard to rodents and flying insects, which are among the most significant vectors for disease transmission, our facility is sprayed with products approved by the Ministry of Health. These controls are performed on a monthly basis by an expert firm and in such a manner to avoid harming the environment and the ecosystem.
Our areas of private use, such as the SPA, fitness area and the Kids Club, are operated under the surveillance of our professionally certified employees, and health and safety measures are followed at the highest level.
To protect the health of our employees and ensure appropriate environmental conditions, risk analyses are carried out by the expert authority and the necessary measures are undertaken. As well, all employees undergo medical screening. Employees are required to comply with the legal health protocols at the recruitment stage; staff who possess hygiene certification, and professional expertise and qualification certificates are employed.
Our guests’ comments and requests are recorded and evaluated within the scope of our CRM and Guest Relations departments and improvements are made accordingly.
The awareness of all our employees is constantly raised through internal and external training, to ensure the development and continuity of these works.
In addition, the Personal Data of both our guests and employees is protected and secured as required by legal regulations during all these processes.
As CORNELIA HOTELS, we determined to review our service standards following the Covid-19 outbreak, which has been declared as a worldwide pandemic. During this process, we have developed new applications and expanded the scope of other measures, while maintaining our understanding of uncompromising total quality and service standards – among our most notable strengths.
In consideration of the expectations and priorities of our guests from many different countries and cultures, our current POSI (Prevention the Spread of Infection) and Emergency Practices have been updated according to prevailing science and technology protocols and changing and developing health and safety conditions. To this extent, a series of new practices have been launched, especially regarding social distancing and cross-contamination; and general hygiene and existing practices have been developed and enhanced.
Our practices are delivered with team spirit and always considering the continuity of health and safety conditions, which are our guests’ priorities, as well as ensuring a comfortable and peaceful environment. These are as follows;

  • All our public and private areas, along with all staff sections, have been sterilized with a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant approved by the World Health Organization.
  • The number of fixed and mobile hand disinfectant units has been increased in the common areas frequented by our guests.
  • The beds in all our guest rooms have been disinfected with a separate application.
  • All areas of use throughout the facility have been redesigned according to social distancing guidelines by reducing capacity to a maximum of 50%.
  • While all our employees undergo a medical screening, their temperatures are now measured as they enter and leave the facility. The common use areas of our employees are arranged in accordance with social distancing guidelines and the number of hand disinfectant units has been increased. All staff are obliged to use personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, face shield, special protection equipment, etc.).
  • Measures aimed to prevent cross-contamination in our food and beverage services, in which an exclusive serving approach has stood out, are in effect.
  • Innovations have been made in all our services, throughout the facility, in consideration of minimum contact and social distancing guidelines.
  • All general areas of our facility are ventilated with 100% fresh air.
  • To ensure a unified and effective approach by our entire team, awareness trainings have been delivered to all managers and employees.
  • Reservation system in the Fitness and SPA is applied.
  • Some sports such as pilates, etc. will be performed in open air taking social distancing guidelines in consideration.


  • Limited capacity and social distancing arrangements in all our food and beverage areas
  • Face shields and presentation of foods by a fixed staff to minimize the risk of contamination of food in open buffets,
  • Preparation of some of the food presentations at the open buffet such as cold, sweet, salads, fruit, etc. products in portioned plates.
  • A hot menu service with a rich variety offered by our chefs in the main restaurant
  • Hand sanitizer unit applications at the entrances to all our food and beverage areas
  • Special disposable packaged product preferences
  • Private room service (free between 22:00 and 07:00 and subject to charge between 07:00 and 22:00)
  • Daily special ULV disinfection application in all our food and beverage areas
  • Breads served in packages in the open buffet
  • Daphne Snack Restaurant offers all food and beverage products by the staff
  • Cakes served to the guests at 17:00 by the staff,
  • Disposable menu in Daphne and A’la Carte Restaurants,
  • Hedera Restaurant breakfast offered as A’la carte service
  • Celestine Bar to be closed between June 1 and September 1.


  • Special ULV disinfection in all rooms
  • Ozone system ventilation in the rooms after C/Out
  • Limited-capacity room blockage
  • Supply of liquid soap with special disinfectant and separate hand disinfectant in the rooms
  • Special mask presentation for our guests
  • Daily disinfection of room furnishings and equipment
  • Fixed staff specific to each room
  • Use of elevators with limited capacity and suitable for social distancing.


  • A special thermal camera at the entrance
  • Information on concepts specific to guest at check-in
  • Acquisition of guest health information at check-in within the scope of the PDP Law
  • Presentation of COVID-19 kits exclusive to guests
  • Delivery of luggage to the rooms after disinfection.


  • Providing detailed information about the information booklet about COVID-19 during the welcoming and check-in.
  • Special Call Centre for guest requests
  • Self-reservation by phone for A’la Carte restaurants
  • Sunbed reservation during check-in.


  • Sunbed arrangement within limited capacity and social distancing (1.5 m) guidelines
  • Disinfection of all sunbeds after every use
  • Chlorine-pH application and disinfection in our pools per legal standards and at the upper limit.


  • Hall layout within limited capacity and social distancing (1.5 m) guidelines
  • Fixed hand disinfection unit at the entrance to the hall
  • Effective ventilation system
  • Periodic special ULV disinfection in all halls and disinfection processes after every use.


  • Contactless fever measurement of the guests before the game.
  • Compliance with social distance at the reception, in the Pro Shop and in the restaurant.
  • Limited capacity and reservation.
  • Routine special ULV disinfection of used trolleys and club cars as well as disinfection after each use.
  • Club cars can only be used by one person.
  • Bunker rakes will not be used during the game.
  • The showers in the changing rooms are not to be used.
  • The textiles sold in the Pro Shop are not to be tried before purchasing.
  • Products in the Pro Shop will be handled only by the personnel who wear gloves.
  • Guests will carry their golf bags themselves.


  • Contactless temperature measurement at all entrances of the facility
  • Thermal camera application
  • Limited visitor admission to the facility.


  • Social distancing and limited capacity in all staff sections and services
  • Personal protective equipment (mask, face shield, gloves, cap etc.) required for all staff
  • Periodic special training on pandemic prevention measures, cleaning and disinfection applications
  • Periodic medical screening for each employee
  • Contactless temperature measurement of staff in daily entries and exits
  • ULV disinfection application in all staff sections and fixed hand disinfectant units in all areas
  • Implementing a distance education (e-training) system for employees.
  • Installation of fixed ozone machines to ensure ambient disinfection in Personnel Locker rooms.


  • Working hours are 10:00 - 12:30 and 14:30 - 17:30
  • Indoor places will not be used in the Mini Club (except Wc and the offices of the staff)
  • Disinfectants will be provided by the staff in the Mini Club.
  • Mini Club guests will be recorded and contactless fever measurement will be made at the entrance.
  • Activities will be held according to the social distance rules.
  • Plush toys that are difficult to clean have been removed.
  • Other plastic toys - pens, etc. will be disinfected daily.
  • Detailed Cleaning will be done in break time (12:30 - 14:30)


  • Kids’ Buffet,
  • Indoor Disco,
  • Game room,
  • Welcome Buffet,
  • Hookah Presentation,
  • Gozleme,
  • Transfers of the Guests

The basic principles of our renewed service approach have become our indispensable principles and standards, and will remain as such in the forthcoming periods. During this process, we have been motivated by our desire to welcome all our past and future guests: We look forward to offering the “CORNELIA HOTELS Difference” once again with our renewed perspective and continuing to present the “CORNELIA Quality” at all our service points.


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