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Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

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Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

İleribaşı Mevkii, Belek, Antalya, 07506, Turkey / +902427101500 map
Classic Full Body Massage
Massage for the whole body relaxes and soothes. Removes muscle tension, improves blood circulation. Thus strengthens the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to external factors.

Aromatherapy Massage
The whole body massage using special aromatic completely organic oils. Relaxes physically and mentally.

Golf Massage
This unique massage starts from the back and legs with  circular pressure of golf ball on the muscles  and ends with a classic massage. Recommended after the golf  play to soften and relax the muscles.

Sport Massage
This massage technique is much more complex than other massages as it applies stretching movements. That contributes to the removal of lactic acid from the muscles. Relieves fatigue, pain and muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation, increases the flexibility of the body. Recommended before and after exercising.

Foot Reflexology
There are so many different points focused on the soles of the feet associated with internal organs. 
Massaging the foot points by the method of the Far Eastern medicine gives a powerful healing effect on the entire body.

Indian Head Massage
Comes from Ayurveda. Uses a special technique of relaxing massage for the head, face, neck and shoulders. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Мassage with the application of special creams and lotions on the problem areas relaxes muscles, relieves pain, restores strength.

Lymph Drainage Massage
Stimulates the lymph system and rids the body of toxic lymph fluid. Performs light, slow and repetitive motions stimulating contraction of the lymph vessels.

Hot Stone Massage
Heated volcanic stones places on the bioactive points chakra. Warmth of the stones penetrates the muscles. Massage with stones relaxes, opens the chakras, clears negative energy, refreshes the mind and body energy.

Full Body Balli Massage
Applies the classical palms and fingers technique to the energy points of the body, which contributes to a total relaxation of body and mind.

Classical Thai Massage
The guest puts on special clothes "kimono" before the massage . During the massage therapist uses stretching movements and pressure to the special points throughout the body thereby relieving muscle tension. Also increases the flexibility of muscles.

The translation from Japanese is as «SHI» - «finger» and «ATSU» - «pressure». This Far Eastern massage is performed on a special mattress on the floor without oil. Hands' and fingers' pressure along the meridians improves macrobiotic equilibrium.

Crassula 4 Hand Massage
Massage technique carried out in parallel and at the same time by two specialists. The procedure is performed synchronized movements, 4 hands and leaves an unforgettable impression. Fills with positive energy and updates.

Ayurveda Treatments
Ayurveda - the ancient Indian science is about life, health and harmony. Its name is derived from two Sanskrit roots, the sacred language of India, "Ayur" (long life) and "veda" (knowledge). According to Ayurveda, all activity in the universe and in man is grouped into three main functions - creation, organization and destruction. The right balance of three subtle energies, called "Vata", "Pitta" and "Kapha" - this is what keeps health. 

Ayurvedic massages restore central nervous system, improve cerebral blood circulation, relieve increased anxiety, relieve depression, insomnia, improve senses.Performed soft relaxing massage movements with warm oil all over the body

Lomi Lomi
Considered as a massage of kings in Hawaii. Soft touch and pressure of hands and elbows relaxes body and soul.

Special Packages

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    Slimming Program

    Traditional Turkish Hammam, Seaweed Body Treatment, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Slim&Sculpt Treatment, Detox Body Mask

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    Anti-Aging Program

    Firming Face Massage, Collagen Treatment, Organic Anti-Aging, Organic Firming&Lifting, Anti Wrinkle Treatment

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    Far Eastern Program

    Special Peeling, Classic Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, Balinese Massage, Foot Reflexology

Guest reviews

    • Anders N

      Perfect golf vacation
      Excellent hotell. Perfect location. Very good service. Very good food. Transport every half an hour to the faldo course, which also was excellent. Spa facilities with hamam and massage. Nice beach and pool area. The outdoor pool was a bit cold. The room standard was nice but maybe not top notch. The included robes where great. The french restaurant made really good value for the 10 euro reservation fee.
    • Roy T

      Golfers' Heaven
      We have been to this hotel in each of the last 5 years. It is an excellent place either for playing golf or just soaking up the sun. It is not too big and not too small. It is very well equipped and the standards of cleanliness and service are second to none.A special mention to Ahmet, Lena and Panch at the Spa, where you can relax and feel pampered.

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