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Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

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Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

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Lifting Treatment
Special mask expands veins and promotes deep penetration of active ingredients. Revives tired and weakened skin, tightening and smoothing the skin. Improves the contour of the face and prevents premature aging.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment
An alternative solution for deep wrinkles without surgery. Softens and prevents the formation of wrinkles, promotes skin renewal.

Refreshing Treatment
Activates skin cells and promotes deep hydration. Restoring cells protects against free radicals. Properties of re-upgrade kept under the protection of the elasticity of the skin.

Oxygen Skin Care
This treatment is applied to the dull, dry and lifeless skin which has been exposed to indoor environment, cigarette use, unhealthy diet and bad environmental impacts, so it increases the rate of cell formation and oxygen levels in the skin.

Caviar Treatment
Care is not just for sagging skin but also for mature. Using all the benefits of caviar fights with aging. Moisturizes, impregnates, tightens and improves metabolism and delivering deep inside the cell all the necessary material gives a rejuvenating look.

Collagen Treatment
It is appropriate for all skin types that need collagen. This special treatment reduces the roughness on the skin, improves oviform of the face and most importantly, provides collagen to the skin. 

Men  Facial Treatment
Care is designed to address the major problems of male skin. The ideal treatment for skin prone to adverse external factors, weather conditions and dehydration. Deep moisturizing, improving elasticity.

Mixed&Oily Skin Treatment
This procedure cleans deeply problematic skin exposed to rashes, updates, makes the skin smooth and gives a matte finish.

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