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Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

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Please send your reservation request by filling out the complete form.

İleribaşı Mevkii, Belek, Antalya, 07506, Turkey / +902427101500 map

1. Quality, Food Safety, Social and Environmental Policy of Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel:

Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel together with all its employees, has the determination and working power to provide the best quality service by protecting nature and environment. While acting with total quality understanding, we maintain and develop the dynamic structure of our quality management system and perpetuate its effects. We abide by all applicable environmental legislation, laws and regulations in our country and fully comply with all legal requirements in order to protect the environment we live in, and to ensure its continuity. We encourage to raise awareness for our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community through our environmental policies and we ensure that these are adopted.
For the health and safety of our guests; we keep hygiene conditions on the front with food safety management system application, adhere to all national and international standards and legal regulatory provisions related to healthy food production, meet the needs and expectations of our guests and we renovate our activities by continually improving these.
2. Our Responsibilities Towards Regional Tourism and the Environment:
Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel is a member of BETUYAB. By separating our wastes, recycling affordable wastes, disposing of the hazardous ones, we fulfill our duties perfectly.
We examine all departments from environmental point of view by establishing ISO 14001 Environment Management System in our company and keep our environmental impacts minimum for a sustainable tourism.
We train our employees about the environment and make them protect the environment they are in contact with and address the demands and expectations of the society.
Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel respects the environment:
•  We support the natural life by holding the endemic plant species and animals in our environment.
•  Because we are in the breeding region of the Caretta Caretta sea turtles that are in danger of extinction, we will protect their nests and fulfill the requirements for ovulation. We provide support by meeting the basic food and cleaning needs of university students who come voluntarily to control Carettas.
•  We save water and electricity by using drip irrigation system on the golf course and in the garden.
•  We support the conservation of natural resources with our Solar Energy panels.
•  We prepare applications and environmental handbooks on using towels in the rooms.
•  We make disinfection with ozone instead of using harmful chemicals for vegetable disinfection.
•  We guide our guests by presenting the contents of our foods together with the meals for the guests who may be Food Allergies.
3. In order to ensure the continuity of our local relations and to encourage production in the region:
We purchase local products and services whenever possible in line with our sustainable environment-oriented purchasing policies. We committed to comply with relevant legislation and requirements in our industry. We also commit to contribute to the development of local culture by supporting local NGOs. We respect the customs of the local people and maintain our continuity without harming them.
We obtain our products from local sources at a level that does not affect guest satisfaction while purchasing, so that we reduce CO2 emissions because there is no unnecessary transportation.
We establish good relations with our suppliers and ensure that the payment of the purchased materials is made on time.
We provide our guests who stay in our hotel with brochures by informing them about historical monuments, museums, surrounding restaurants and shopping centers.
4. Social Policy:
Our social policy is to support and follow internationally recognized human rights, to protect the health and well-being of our employees and environment while maintaining and improving our activities. We value our employees and their contributions. Our employees are selected according to selection / evaluation criteria such as experience, skill level and merit in the process of recruitment and employment (placement, promotion, social rights etc.); and everyone is given equal opportunity regardless of nationality, race, religion, belief, age, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, union membership and political thought. It is acted according to determined criteria and principles in all areas of corporate social responsibility such as human resources and human investment projects, stakeholder culture and company vision, educational support activities, cultural and artistic development practices.
Our company is committed to providing a fair, peaceful, orderly, safe and respectful working environment and does not tolerate harrasment, humiliation, intimidation, threats and discrimination. All forms of forced labor are forbidden. Employees are provided with the necessary facilities to easily express their suggestions and complaints. Suggestions and complaint boxes can be found where everyone can reach and these are checked and evaluated.

5. To provide Occupational Health and Safety:
To identify the dangers that may lead to occupational accidents and occupational diseases in all our activities and to manage the risks by adopting legislation and legally defined laws and regulations as minimum standards; to provide safe and healthy environments for our employees, customers, suppliers; to organize awareness raising trainings and informing activities for everyone in this context; to ensure continuous improvement and control of occupational health and safety system are the primary duty of all our institutions and employees.

6. Child Abuse Policy:
We have adopted local and international laws and regulations on children's rights and protections as minimum standards. We condemn these actions by standing against all kinds of child abuse, help legal bodies in relation to all these actions mentioned in the law, protest child labor and do not employ child labor other than trainees determined by law. We organize awareness raising trainings and informing activities for everyone (employees, guests and suppliers) regarding the whole of the works in this scope. Ensuring continuous development and supervision on the children's rights and abuse is the primary duty of all our institutions and employees. In case of any problem,It will be notified to Police Station  by security department.


Since its foundation, the Cornelia De Lux Resort Hotel has aimed to be an environmentally conscious establishment and leave a greener legacy to future generations. Within this framework, we have been involved in a number of projects, and continue our involvement with the aim of further development. 

During the construction of the hotel property, the existing pine trees have been carefullymaintained.

We installed the KOJENERASYON System. In this system, gas engines that are used to produce electricity are powered by natural gas. Heat reaching 500 ºC, generated during the electricity production, is passed through boilers to produce steam and hot water before being released into the atmosphere via the engines’ chimneys.
At the same time, the heat generated by the engines producing electricity is also used to gain cooling energy through absorption chillers.   

Efficient energy systems are used for heating water and for cooling. Generated entirely from heat that is released into the atmosphere, the COGENERATION system built into our establishment produces 90% of the electric, 60% of the hot water/heating, and 40% of the cooling needs in our hotel. 

All the heating and cooling systems in our establishment are automated and centrally controlled. The fan coil system in the rooms is also controlled centrally, and automatically pauses when the balcony door is open.

There is an Energy Saver system in all rooms; lights automatically switch off when guests leave their room.

All rooms’ windows have high temperature-insulation in line with our local climate, as well as  noise insulation as required. In addition, all the glass used in our establishment is a specialised thermopane, which prevents heat penetration in the summer and heat loss in the winter.  

We ensure that only organic fertilisers and pesticides are used in our gardens. We choose organic plants for our gardens whenever possible. 

All our buildings are non-smoking establishments, according to law number 5727 regarding the prevention and control of harm caused by tobacco products. We support human and environmental health by creating smoke-free areas. 

The products used in our spa centre have not been tested on animals. 

All waste in our establishment (glass, paper, plastic, metal and organic waste) is sorted and distributed to licenced companies for recycling.


Our establishments continue to operate in a manner that protects the environment and environmental health. Accordingly, we have been recognized with several prizes and awards. 


Both our hotels, Cornelia De Luxe Resort and Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa appeared on The Travelife Collection, a list of genuinely sustainable properties around the world. The list is compiled by ABTA, the leading association of British travel agents and tour operators. 
Candidate establishments for The Travelife Collection are evaluated using international criteria such as human rights, environmental management and support for local life.. Only four establishments in Turkey have appeared on this prestigious list, which operates within extremely strict selection standards. 


Our establishment has been awarded the “Environmentally Conscious Accommodation Certificate” by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2015. The objective in the certification process is to ensure that the environment is protected, to raise environmental awareness and to encourage a positive impact trend of tourism establishments on the environment.   


Our establishments hold the Blue Flag award, an international award given to beaches and marinas that meet certain criteria. The Blue Flag represents clean sea water, and good environmental management that values environmental education and providing information. 

TUI Environmental Championship award 

For the International Environmental Championship award organised every year by TUI, one of the world’s biggest tour operators, many criteria are considered. These include the use of environmentally friendly products, the presence of equipment required in the event of a forest fire, the use of sustainable energy sources, and electricity and water usage values, along with environmental policies.

Green Hotels Project 

Our establishment has been awarded the Green Hotels award by The Turkish Hotels and Investors Association (TUROB} and Bureau Veritas. The award covers areas such as energy management, water management and sustainable environment practices.
A spacious and elegant atmosphere that will ease your soul.

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Guest reviews

    • bobbydazbowers

      Very very good
      I could write for ages about how good this hotel was but it's all been said before. Excellent staff, food,facilities, space for sun beds and shaded areas, slides, a la carte excellent value, and entertainment. All the family cannot wait to go again.
    • dipet1

      Another amazing holiday *****
      Our third say and yet again amazing. We requested connecting rooms we received exactly that on the 4th floor with outstanding views. The staff cannot do enough for you and the food is beautiful. It's a great experience of luxury and such an amazing hotel. 
      Looking forward to our next visit.
    • RickyG73

      Magnificent hotel
      Been several AI hotels but the Cornelia deluxe trumps them all. Absolutely first class from front desk to beach bar, superb staff and tremendous facilities make this hotel and I would highly recommend .

    • Hayley W

      Fantastic doesn't come close
      What an amazing hotel this is
      Staff are fabulous 
      Animation team superb (big thanks to Sasha)
      Food what can I say unbelievable - plenty of choice, always hot and very tasty
      Italian restaurant is a must and so worth the 10 euros each - barbeque was fantastic and part of your all inclusive (We didn't try the othets)
      We are not big drinkers but tried the cocktails which were fab too (good strength)
      Hotel is spotless always cleaned and the pool cleaners really take pride in their work
      Already looking at coming back next year
      Can't wait to come back
    • B1GAL_9

      Excellent !!!!!
      What a fantastic hotel ! Everything about this hotel is excellent with many extras that we haven't had at other hotels. The staff do a fantastic job and couldn't do enough for you. Thank you Cornelia De Luxe
    • Jamie J

      Perfect holiday
      Excellent holiday probably one of the best 
      Many thanks to all the friendly staff for making us feel welcome. Can't wait for next year 
      Definitely visit the tai pen restaurant it is a bit hot but fantastic food, it's Run by Uncle Sener the best bloke 
      Entertain team great and guest relations very helpful also
    • dihughes2016

      Fabulous again

      arrived once again to this great hotel has everything you need for a relaxing holiday good food loads of choice, great friendly staff .there was 6 ladies this time and we all had a great time Animation team great fun would certainly recommend hotel can't fault it and mattresses never seen one so thick and well comfortable hope to see you all again

    • Gulin T


      The best hotel, staff & food ever!!
      The hotel is incredibly clean, staff is very hospitable and genial.. Food is extraordinary delicious.. so satisfactory both for me and my children!! Such a success!!

    • Яна З

      De Luxe vacation
      I like Turkey very much, and vacation in such beautiful hotel like Cornelia makes me feel happy! Want to say that everything in this place is excellent-comfortable rooms, warm pools, clean and green territory, much tasty meals, kind staff and nice animation team. We played table tennis, bowling, volleyball, water polo, there was much another games.Every day were great concerts-many dancing groups took part in them.My daughter was so glad to be here. My friends also were satisfied with such amazing rest! Want to say thanks to all team of Cornelia and wish to be the best!
    • mick19622014

      Excellent hotel great service, branded drinks, clean pools, toilets and rooms Excellent Al La Carte, choice of different food every night if you do wish. Great location with options of day trips, recommend Site.
    • Geraldine M

      Absolutely stunning
      All staff work so hard.Extremely friendly. We stayed in a 'swim up' room. A lot quieter in that area. So much choice of food.. Different restaurants to try if not taking advantage of the all inclusive. Too much to praise in one review. Go see for yourself! You won't be disappointed.
    • zoe j

      Amazing, recommend it
      I stayed here for a week and i was amazed , the rooms were clean , water was cool (not to hot bot to cold) ,staff were friendly ,reception were also friendly and gave us a lot of help, the swim up rooms were amazing , food amazing . nothing more i could wish for . still planning of going for 2018

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